Superior Quality, Cutting-Edge Technology

Superior Quality, Cutting-Edge Technology

About JunGu                    

JunGu is an R&D and manufacturing enterprise specializing in cold heading molds.

The quality of our molds is a direct result of pairing our staff’s technical expertise with state-of-the-art Japanese machinery, ensuring your dies last longer.

What we offer                    

JunGu presents solutions to complex problems, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We have a deep understanding of the fundamental problems encountered in the traditional molding process. Because of this, we know how to efficiently operate and meet our customers’ needs.


JunGu crafts high-end fasteners and special-shaped parts and components for multiple industries from automotive to aviation.

We use modern cold forming techniques, high-quality materials, and offer a variety of dies. We work with customers to analyze and perfect their dies performance through feedback and testing.

JunGu. The special-shaped heading die experts.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use high-quality imported hard alloy, which ensures product longevity and stability. Our products have a level of quality that makes JunGu an authority and leader in the industry.

Dedication to Excellence

Although our company is not large, we have a high-level technical team, excellent equipment, and provide exquisite workmanship. This combination ensures our clients keep coming back.

Global Reach

As the world becomes more globalized, we strive to meet the demand and adhere to the highest international quality standards and serving a customer base across America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 

Fully compliant to ISO9001.

Quality is Central to everything we do at JunGu.

Our certification conforms to GB, ANSI, JIS and DIN standards. JunGu provides products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements allowing us to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

Work with us

Customer commitment

Our history and successful collaborations with our past clients ensure that our winning formula is validated. Our relationship with our customers is facilitated through an in-depth consultation process and keeping an open dialogue to ensure all our client’s needs are met.  See who we’ve worked with:



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