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JunGu specializes in producing long-lasting, high-quality, carbide cold heading dies for the heading industry. We fully understand the extreme pressure cold heading and cold forming dies are put under, so we apply our expertise to make sure your dies are made to last. Using our dies saves you both time and money. With our cold heading dies you save by not having to buy as many dies, by having less downtime, and by cutting down on labor by not having to deal with frequent replacements. JunGu achieves these results by implementing a variety of methods including high polish finishes and more effective grades of tungsten carbide. JunGu also provides cold heading dies at an average price of 15-25% lower than our competitors, which means even more money in your pocket.

By providing your operations with the ability to create superior products at a lower cost, our mission is to give you a competitive edge and to exceed your customer’s expectations. Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and get started today!



JunGu continues to strengthen quality management, improve work efficiency, and enhance the development of customer groups. The company’s customer base has grown from the mid-end domestic Taiwanese clients to the current high-end European, American, and Japanese customers. JunGu’s annual turnover is now growing at a yearly rate of 20%, the number of employees has increased to 60, and by the end of this year will have exceeded 20 million yuan.

In 2017, JunGu invested in high-end advanced production equipment from Makino, which further improved its production capacity. At the same time, it also introduced EPR management software, a strong technical force, and strict quality management. With the effort of all employees, the company’s technical and management level have been operating at an industry level comparable to similar products produced in Europe and America.

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Providing high-quality dies to our customers is at the heart of our company. With our selection of alloy materials, JunGu uses gradient alloy paired with a high level of hardness and toughness.



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